Get in Shape for Summer – Workout Mistakes to Avoid

Get in Shape for Summer – Workout Mistakes to Avoid

Summer Shape

Everyone wants that perfect body for summer, right? Sculpted arms, tiny waist; strong, lean legs, you can have them! But let’s do it the right way and avoid some of these blunders.

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One of the biggest mistakes people make when working out is seeing how many calories they’ve burned on the treadmill and leave the gym hungry. Suddenly, their thoughts go to, Cheeseburger! They think, oh hey, I just burned 300 calories. I can afford it. Well, it’s great that they’ve burned that many calories, but wasn’t that the point? Let’s keep those calories off and eat a healthy post-workout snack to fuel your body. Later, for dinner have a lean portion of grilled chicken or fish, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates.


Another mistake people tend to make is not mixing up their training. Some people love running, some love lifting heavy weights, others are all about yoga. Everyone get comfortable in what they love and stay in that little world. But to truly have swimsuit body, you need to train all aspects. Divide your time up. Start with some stretches to warm the body up, move on to cardio, lift your targeted area for the day, then cool down with a brisk walk or finishing stretches to avoid cramping.


Rest days are important. We need a day to recuperate our bodies and let those muscles take a break. But the mistake many make on those rest days is sitting on their booties all day or lying down on the couch with a bowl of buttery popcorn. What is actually happening is lactic acid is building up in the muscles causing that dreaded soreness. Keep moving on your rest day. Go for a light stroll, ride your bike, play with the kids… stop that lactic acid from settling in the fibers of your muscles. If you’re stuck at work, get up once an hour and stretch, walk to the bathroom or grab a cup of coffee, it will be worth it at the end of the day and keep you motivated to continue working out.

One of the saddest mistakes people make is thinking they shouldn’t be seen in a gym. Maybe they are too old or overweight and are embarrassed to be seen working out with a bunch of muscle-bound men and women. Don’t ever think that. Suck up the embarrassment and get out there! Even if you don’t want to go to a gym; go outside and walk, making an effort to walk further or longer each day. There are so many fitness apps and programs out there that can track your movements and exercise letting you know how you’ve improved your fitness journey. They don’t care what you look like, they won’t judge you. And it’s the same with people in the gym, they won’t judge either. More times than not, those people see the new person and think to themselves, Good for them. They’ve dedicated their bodies to health and fitness and seeing you making that effort to change only brings a smile to their face.


So be smart in your workouts. Avoid these common mistakes and pretty soon, you too will be confidently lounging at the pool or walking the sandy beaches all summer long.


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